Nonton film Bayside Shakedown 2 (2003) terbaru

Bayside Shakedown 2 (2003)

10 voting, rata-rata 5.7 dari 10

The movie takes place again in the fictional Wangan Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department the once empty space within Wangan’s jurisdiction has become a popular tourist attraction. When a string of murders of company execs begins taking place, Aoshima jumps at the opportunity to pursue something other than his current case, which he finds less than inspiring. However the powers that be have other ideas, and Wangan again plays host to a special investigation team from headquarters. Aoshima’s friend Superintendent Shinji Muroi, assigned by headquarters to assist Okita, is again powerless to help the local officers as decisions are made by the higher ups.

Tagline:Justice in the field.
Durasi: 128 Min
Pendapatan:$ 170.030.016,00

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